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Once upon a time, I just wanted a blogsite where I can write about my travel experiences and the what nots that I can think of on a daily basis. And then, friends and book buddies who wanted to know about books I've read and asks for any recommendation about any good reads became overwhelming to the point that I had to create a rating system as their basis.

Putting this website is an attempt to create a better documentation and account about the things mentioned above. Ink- Strokes has been the first created, and it's the site for the travel blogs and other thoughts. Ink Strokes 2.0, on the other hand, is the site solely for book reviews and blogs.

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Travel and People

Read more in Ink Strokes 

Blogs and write-ups about places the author was able to visit, as well as interesting people and what makes them tick.


Life and Thoughts

Check them in Ink Strokes

Articles and features about anything and everything under the sun - Life and death, inspirational words and words of affirmation, beliefs and goals and more


Books and Literature

Ink Strokes 2.0

This is the section that is on my wheelhouse. Something that I can talk on and on about. These are my reviews about books that I usually recommend to friends.